Message from Principal

Dear Students,

HNC is an institution committed to the all-round development of students’ calibre so that they become empowered beings who understand the nature of human society, nation-states and the world at large. At HNC, we are convinced that human well-being and happiness are irreversibly connected with the development of intellectual and spiritual personalities, and the enhancement of compassion and moral characters. For this reason, one of HNC’s main focuses is interdisciplinary and inclusive education that provide insights into these issues. HNC is a place where students will find coexistence of variety of ideas and activities, and the interface of the adage ‘think globally and act locally’.

For a student in an increasingly globalised world, education and career are closely interlinked personal choices. Education, in this context, has become a means to a career that is deemed respectable and rewarding. A respectable and rewarding career, in turn, has become a means as well as an end. HNC encourage students to look beyond the education-career choice or the means-end dilemma. Students are encouraged to look at how the dynamics of human society shape the notion of education and career and vice-versa. Most importantly, how this binary perception shapes the ethos and values that make a person happy and productive.   

As privileged sentient beings, who are placed at the top of the hierarchy in the world, how humans interact among themselves and their natural environment – whether peacefully, collectively, or constructively, becomes important in shaping the world and their future well-being. At HNC, students will find space for discourse that stimulates knowledge generation having universal relevance and applicability. HNC is committed to moulding and mentoring students to become future leaders with cosmopolitan worldviews and approaches and turn it into a more inclusive and egalitarian place.

We look forward to your happiness and success as students and alumni of HNC.

Best wishes,

Dr. Poujenlung Gonmei