Students transport

HNC has a fleet of college buses that ply between the college and the suburbs of Imphal city during college working hours. Students desirous of availing this transportation facility may contact the college office during working hours.


HNC has a well-stocked library where students can consult and borrow text books or any other reading materials. Text books are issued for a week against a student. Late return of issued books will entail late fines. Any damage, missing page, mutilation, marking made by a student will attract penalty to restore the damages.

It may be reminded that text books, journals, periodicals and other materials in the library are college property and must be handled with care. All visitors to the library must ensure safe keeping of the library materials as they are valuable assets of the college. 

Students can access the internet to check the status of college library books and other resources available in the library through the OPAC system. Wi-Fi internet facility inside the college campus makes this a seamless and easy task for students and faculties.

Students are allotted user IDs and passwords to access the college Wi-Fi system. This access to the internet facility is essential so that students may, alongside the resources in the college library, search general articles, research papers and other secondary sources for classroom assignments and projects.


HNC is currently functioning in a temporary campus with all amenities required such as adequate chairs, tables, white/black board to enhance the lectures and tutorials.  

LCD/Overhead Projectors are being arranged in the coming semesters. Smart-boards are also being installed in the permanent campus classrooms with internet facilities in the move towards making the classroom infrastructure futuristic and interactive.


Hostels for both boys and girls will be available at the permanent campus upon completion of the campus construction. No hostel facility is available at the temporary campus.

Gymnasium: Games & Sports

The facility will be available at the permanent campus upon completion of the campus construction.


A canteen run by the college on no-profit no-loss basis is available within the college premise. All faculty and students can have freshly prepared meals at reasonable rates from the college canteen. The hygiene and quality of the food items sold is monitored by the college as per the rules designated by the local authority.

Seminar and Research

Besides attending regular classes and tutorials, students have to actively participate in the seminars and workshops organised by the college as essential part of their courses. HNC also encourage faculty and students to engage in research and publication activities. These are areas where faculty and students are given room for productivity and innovations.