HNC pays special attention to issues that influence the character and discipline of its students within and outside the college premise. As a privilege community being groomed to be future leaders of the country, students of HNC are expected to display exemplary conduct.

Courtesy, forbearance, integrity, positivity and kindness expressed in words and deeds are the qualities expected of a student in HNC. All students are expected to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the college in the interests of the students and the college.

Students are expected to work hard and excel in their studies and extra-curricular activities. As future leaders, students are expected to maintain paramount decorum and deference to their fellow students, teachers and the non-teaching staff of the college.

HNC prohibits consumption or possession of any forms of intoxicants and harmful substances inside or outside the college premise banned by UGC, other universities and colleges that impede the realisation of a students’ intellectual capacity, or to become a leader.

Most importantly, ragging in any form is strictly prohibited by HNC within its premises and outside. Violation of these established rules will attract penalties prescribed by the UGC rules and regulations. Rustication and expulsion of a defaulting student are the means which the college would be compelled to resort to discipline a defaulting student.