About HNC

HNC is a liberal arts college founded upon the theme of Quest, the spirit that drives humans to acquire knowledge and wisdom. Driven by this spirit, education is forged as a process that helps humans to become enlightened, empowered and emancipated beings who are equipped to confront challenges of the world. HNC believes that education can ensure a just and equal society where freedom and dignity of all humans are safeguarded. Education in HNC is designed to engage students in theoretical and practical discourses to enable them to excel as innovative and productive individuals. In search of this all-round progress, HNC is committed to enhancing students’ intellectual, spiritual, and moral well-being to prepare them to become responsible citizens and leaders.

HNC was founded in 2016 and affiliated to Manipur University (MU) in 2020 to redefine education in the North East highland. It is inspired by India’s leaders who helped found educational institutions even as they struggled for the freedom of about one-tenth of humanity who later became the world’s largest democracy. Discourse and dissent were the chief methods upon which India as a democracy was erected. Similarly, philosophy and teaching methods in HNC have been structured as combination of theory and practical discourse as noted earlier. HNC is convinced that the future of the country and humanity rest with educated youth with well-formed mind as future leaders. In carrying forward this tradition, HNC is inspired by Christian values of charity, compassion, truth and righteousness.